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Lion, Panther & Teddy Bear Clips

(Lion Clip)
This is our shortest haircut. This is a full body shave from the base of the neck down to the tail, leaving enough peach fuzz to cover the skin.  Modified adjustments on the tail, mane, and legs are available, based on the client's preferences.  Our signature bath and blow-dry are included in this treatment.


(Modified Versions of the Lion Clip)

These cuts include a full-body haircut in various coat lengths. Different blade lengths and comb attachments are used to create longer hair lengths (based on the classic lion clip). Also known as the kitten cut.  Our signature bath and blow-dry are included in both of these treatments.

*Please note:  when at the purchase window, please indicate the number of treatments you would like to purchase.  It automatically defaults to a quantity of 3. 

Spa treatments must be scheduled at least 2 weeks apart from veterinarian care to minimize stress. 

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