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$20 each - Package of 10 ($200)

$25 each - Package of 5 ($125)

$30 for a single treatment


Claw Cap Application:

Front Set - $45; Full Set - $55

Cats receive direct benefits from having their nails trimmed. Cat's nails grow in layers that are like shells. When cats “sharpen” their claws, they are removing the older shells to expose the sharper new ones. However, often cats do not successfully remove the shells. This can lead to ingrown nails that can become extremely painful and can lead to nasty infections. Regular nail trims prevent ingrown nails. Furthermore, a cat with trimmed nails is likely to enjoy a better relationship with her family, since she won’t be ejected from laps merely for making kitty dough.

Please note:  An up-to-date rabies vaccination and completed Client Intake Form is required for this treatment.

Missed Appointment Cancellation Policy

We are thrilled to have set aside time for your cat’s treatment.  If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please provide us with 48 hours advance notice, to ensure that you will not be charged for the appointment.  By offering us sufficient advance notice for your cancelled appointment, we may be able to schedule another kitty in desperate need of care.  We thank you in advance for your thoughtfulness and cooperation.   

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