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Grooming Policies and Procedures

OUR Process

Before you schedule an appointment with us, we respectfully ask that you please check and ensure the following:

Has your cat had an Annual Wellness Exam within the past 12 months? This is a critical step on your part towards ensuring a better quality life for your favorite little feline. Because your cat's safety is very important to us, all cats receiving spa treatment services must have been examined by a veterinarian within the past 12 months.  Clawdicure treatments are the only exception.


Is your cat up-to-date on his/her rabies vaccination?  Special consideration will be given regarding vaccine requirements based on your cat's: individual lifestyle, age, veterinarian recommendations, and grooming needs.  This is carefully considered on a case by case basis, and not intended to promote or discourage vaccinations.  If your cat is not up-to-date, please discuss with us prior to vaccinating for a spa treatment. 


Have you completed a New Client Intake Form?


Spa treatments must be scheduled at least 2 weeks apart from veterinarian care to minimize stress. 

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