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(Coat Trimmings & Styles)

Enhance the health, comfort, and beauty of your kitty with a fur-coat trim; styled and modified to best frame their physique and meet their everyday needs. This treatment includes our signature bath and all the benefits from our “Feline Divine” package, plus choose from:

  • Sanitary & Tummy Hygiene Clip

  • Coat Length Options

  • Tailored Ruff & Toe Tufts

$130 - Short Coat

$140 - Medium Coat

$150 - Long Coat

$165 - Lion Clip

$180 - Teddy Bear Clip

$135 Per Hour - Severe Dematting Procedure 

Add-On Services:

$25-$150 Dematting Fee

$15-$30 Temperament Fee *

Spa treatments must be scheduled at least 2 weeks apart from veterinarian care to minimize stress. 

* We work hard to keep all treatment costs down and affordable for everyone.  However, on occasion, if a cat is more fearful, more time is needed. If more time is needed, additional fees may be added to existing treatment and will be disclosed prior to completing treatment.

Missed Appointment Cancellation Policy

We are thrilled to have set aside time for your cat’s treatment.  If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please provide us with 48 hours advance notice, to ensure that you will not be charged for the appointment.  By offering us sufficient advance notice for your cancelled appointment, we may be able to schedule another kitty in desperate need of care.  We thank you in advance for your thoughtfulness and cooperation.   

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